Are there no depths?

… to which the Press will not sink?

Article from Saturday:

David Maclean has multiple sclerosis. He came clean about this. But News International decided to investigate. Not to prove that he wasn’t capable of doing his job – but to prove that his symptoms were due to “excessive drinking” rather than a serious neurological illness.

And this investigation included (allegedly) hacking into his phone messages.

It never fails to amaze me how low the human mind can sink.

It has been suggested to me on occasion that my poor walking / bad co-ordination / slurred speech are due to the demon booze. Well, sometimes they have been, but nowadays it’s more likely to be the MS at work. I carry a card which states that I have MS, but there are always those who prefer to believe the worst.

Meanwhile, the sun is shining, the cats are both asleep and I must get on with some writing before Hubby gets home from work.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Greetings, Universe

You can never have enough hats. Or purple.

So, after being a blog-avoider for years, I’ve finally succumbed to the lure of the blogosphere. Did I jump or was I pushed? More about that at a later date…

I’m a creature of simple habits. I read and I write. I create other things too, but the writing is my most important creative avenue.

To date, I have self-published four books – three collections of short stories and the autobiographical The MonSter and the Rainbow: Memoir of a Disability. By a combination of hard work and being in the right places at good times, I have sold enough of the first three to cover my costs – getting close on the fourth, too. I am currently working on my first novel, which I hope to publish early in 2013. Entitled Chrystal Heart, it’s a Steampunk novel about a Victorian lady who’s still alive in the 21st century, due to having a Chrystal heart. More about that later, too.

I have a husband and we are owned by two cats. We all live in Chepstow, South Wales. I am a founder member of CRAG, a local co-operative of writers working on novels and planning to publish within the next six months.

I will be blogging on an irregular basis about reading, writing, other creative pursuits and miscellaneous other bits of my life.  Expect plenty of book reviews and writing-related stories.