Book Review: Build a Business from your Kitchen Table

Title: Build a Business from your Kitchen Table
Author: Sophie Cornish & Holly Tucker
ISBN: 978-1-47110-211-0

It’s a nice idea, and there is undoubtedly a market for books on starting your own business from scratch. But this isn’t a book that delivers what it promises. This is more the story of how they did it and not a how-to guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s readable and an interesting study of how to recover from your mistakes when starting out in business, but there are more useful books on the subject.

I felt patronised that they assume “woman” is the same as “mother of young children” and annoyed at their stereotypical views of the male gender. Not to mention their idea that £80,000 is the kind of start-up capital that all new businesses need to get off the ground.

Much though I wanted to admire them, I would rather not have read this. I like their company, but I wouldn’t recommend their book.

Personal read: 2 stars
Reading group read: 2 stars