Book Review: Steelheart

Proper Fiction for Young Adults

In YA fiction I want strong characters, believable settings and a sensible plot. I don’t want watered-down “hero’s journey” stories full of stereotypical, childish characters and no real peril.

And I loved Steelheart.

I loved meeting characters who surprised me, visiting a city turned to steel where the sun never rises and riding a storycoaster with twist on top of twist. This is gutsy fiction where bad guys can be clever and good guys can die – and some characters are not what they seem. Superpowers do not automatically make heroes – or villains! And having finished, I’m tempted to reread in the same way everyone has to rewatch The Sixth Sense.

David is a young man with a serious grudge and a near-complete focus on killing Steelheart. He wants revenge and doesn’t care what it costs him to get it. Until he meets the Prof, Megan and the other Reckoners. And on the way, he learns more about the world and himself than he ever expected.

When your only wish is to die for something, how can you bear to live?

Title: Steelheart
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Publisher: Orion
ISBN: 978-0-575-10399-3
Price: £12.99 (Paperback)