NaNoCoDo #4 Second Character and Relationship

All the best stories have a central relationships, usually between two people and usually unequal.

Holmes and Watson, Batman and Robin, Scarlett and Rhett, Doctor Who and …
It’s conversations and actions between your characters that let the reader know what’s going on. Whether that’s because we need Sherlock to explain things to the good doctor so we know what he’s thinking or The Doctor’s companion being held hostage so our hero has to rescue them and incidentally save the world from the Bad Guys. Or get the guy, or … ?

In many stories, the second character is the one the reader is expected to relate to. So Watson writes his memoirs about Sherlock Holmes, The Doctor (Who?) constantly has to explain things to his companion(s) and so on. It’s easier for the reader to relate to fallible human than the hero of the piece. Which means your second character must be likeable. One of the commonest mistakes is to have everything solved by the hero and their sidekick to be little more than baggage.

Or a squealing damsel to be rescued. Repeatedly.

So give your second character some thought. Write out a set of details as you did for your Main character. (
Decide which trait your reader will relate to and spend a few days getting to know them. Remember to work out what their relationship is to your hero – and what they want to get out of this adventure.


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