Tubular Bells for Two – Wow

Tubular Bells, an iconic album produced by one man with a 24-track tape recorder, a lot of talent and a little help from his friends. It’s been performed live – and it takes a small army of musicians and singers. There’s no possible way to perform it live without a stage groaning under the weight of performers.

Until now. Two Australians. Four hands and four bare feet to play the whole album live on stage. Yes, they use looping – but it’s played and looped live as part of the performance. If you’d asked me, I would have said it was impossible.

The sheer choreography of two men moving between instruments, shifting stands and microphones to where they’re next needed, playing guitars or keyboards, whilst operating loops and playing drums with their feet. This pair won’t need a gym membership to keep fit if they keep playing this concert.

Yes, there were a couple of points where they stretched a passage by a few bars, giving them time to setup the next phase – but I can’t hold that against them. And they simplified some of the arrangements – but so does Mike Oldfield himself.

This is a stunning achievement and an incredible performance.

Go see it for yourself and then decide if I’ve overdone the superlatives.



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