Build-up to Novel #1

My first novel, Chrystal Heart, will be published in a few months. There’s a lot going on at the moment, as well as the obvious one that I’m busy editing.

First of all, my baddies are fighting for a bigger part in the book. I’ve been trying to keep them in their place, but they think the world would be better if they were in charge.

Meanwhile, my CrowdFunding project to raise money for printing, goodies and the launch party has completed successfully. Which also means I have a number of advance orders and am firmly committed to my dates. Yikes!

Having been let down by the first artist who was meant to be providing the picture for the front cover, I have commissioned a second artist to paint a portrait and the preliminary sketches I’ve seen are very promising.

As part of my crowdfunding venture, a number of people have ordered goody bags as well as the book itself. The first few items for these have now arrived and I’ll be ordering more very soon. It’s great fun to look for suitable items and design the personalisation for them. Wonderful fun.

Arrangements are under way for the official launch. The event will be held in Waterstones in Cardiff, which will be open to anyone who fancies coming along. I’ve also booked the venue for the party afterwards and that is going to be so much fun! Invites will be sent out this week.

More info on the book’s progress to come over the next few weeks. In the meantime, details about the book can be found on Amazon and on my website, where you can also pre-order a book / goody bag if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading!


Apologies for the Silence

As many of you will be aware, I spend November both doing NaNoWriMo and being the ML for Wales. So it can’t come as a surprise that I wasn’t posting on the blog.

But things are now back on track. I have some exciting news to share on the writing front and I will do so forthwith. Or fifth, at least.