Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

It’s an interesting idea – use old photographs of inexplicable scenes as the basis of a novel. As someone who runs writing workshops around the use of random prompts, I was attracted by the idea. So how well does it work?

Well, the photographs reproduced in the book are fascinating glimpses into early photography and the culture they captured. And the modern twist on an old myth is a great way to meld them all together. But at a cost. It’s very obvious when a photograph is about to be shown because they aren’t woven into the book as seamlessly as I, for one, would have liked. It makes the story-flow quite clunky in places.

But, it’s an enjoyable read, a great topic for discussion and like many of the Young Adult genre, there’s plenty in here for adults to appreciate, too.

The photos add a lot to the pleasure of reading this book and I don’t know if they’re included in the Kindle version.

 Personal read: 4 stars
Reading group read: 4 stars


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